Diplomas and Graduation Requirements

Social Studies3
Intro to Computers1
Fine Arts0.5

*Bible is required for each semester in a Seventh-day Adventist school. **A semester of P.E. is required each year. A total of 22 Carnegie Units is required for graduation with a General High School diploma, 23 Units with a College Preparatory diploma, and 26 Units with an Honors diploma.

College Preparatory Diploma

A minimum of 23 units is required for this diploma. A student is required to complete the core requirements listed above. The math requirements must include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. The science requirements are Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. Note: Many colleges are now requiring a fourth math and a fourth science.

Honors Diploma

A minimum of 26 units with a grade point average of at least 3.5 is required for this diploma. In addition to completing the requirements for the College Preparatory diploma, a student must also complete two additional areas of emphasis. Honors track students will graduate with a special diploma and recognition.

Areas Of Emphasis

To complete an area of emphasis, a student must complete 2 units of approved coursework in that area in addition to what is required for a general diploma. Possible areas include: Math & Science (Math IV and a choice of Physics or Anatomy & Physiology), Science (Physics and Anatomy & Physiology), Foreign Language, Fine Arts (Music Theory, lessons, and participation in a performance group), Applied Arts (Business Communication, Business Skills and specialization in Computers, Industrial Arts or Home Arts), or Physical Fitness (Anatomy & Physiology, Fitness Education, and Varsity Sports.)