General Financial Information 2015-2016

It is the goal of Campion Academy to keep the cost of Christian education as low as possible, thereby making an education at Campion Academy available for all young people who wish to attend. While the cost may seem overwhelming at first, there are a number of scholarships and other programs that are available to many students that may dramatically decrease the overall out-of-pocket cost to the parent, guardian, and student.

Please contact the Business Office for personalized financial planning and any available scholarships, grants, subsidies and work programs that may be available to you to make your enrollment at Campion Academy affordable.

Tuition and Fees (pdf)
Tuition and Fees for International Students (pdf)

Here is a summary of some of the programs that may be available to you:


A five percent (5%) discount is allowed when the total yearly "flat rate" charges (tuition, room, board, dues, and entrance fee) are paid by registration day. Known scholarships will be deducted from the yearly charge figures. A three percent (3%) discount is allowed if the first semester "flat rate" charges are paid in full by registration day, or by January 10, for the second semester "flat rate" charges. Discount does not apply to credit card payments.

Early Registration

Make your plans early to attend Campion Academy. Students who make their FULL entrance fee payment for the upcoming school year by June 22th, 2015, receive a $100 discount on their August tuition. (See the "Tuition and Fees" rate sheet for current entrance fee amounts.) A paid entrance fee is non-refundable.

Cash Discount

If, on the 10-month payment plan, the account balance is paid in full within 10 days of the billing date, a cash discount of $10.00 (dorm) and $5.00 (village) will be given. If the monthly balance is paid with a credit card (including Paypal, etc.), no discount will be given.

Kansas Nebraska Conference Scholarship

Students that live in Kansas and Nebraska may apply for a scholarship from their local conference. Contact the Kansas-Nebraska Conference for details.

Kansas-Nebraska Scholarship Information

Kansas-Nebraska Residents: Please note that if you are applying for additional scholarships through the KS-NE Conference, you are required to apply through the "FACTS" program. You must list both Campion Academy and Kansas-Nebraska Conference on the application for you to be considered by both entities. See the "Student Financial Aid Grant" section below for more details.

ACE Scholarship (Alliance for Choice in Education)

ACE is a privately funded scholarship program for low-income Colorado families. It will pay for 50% of private or parochial school tuition, up to $3,000 per year for grades 9-12. ACE scholarships carry a four-year commitment, providing the student remains in good standing at their school. Contact the Campion Academy Business Office for applications or visit the ACE website at .

The deadline for ACE scholarship applications usually is in early April of each year.

Work Program

A variety of work experience is available to enrich each student's learning experience at Campion Academy. The work program is an integral part of the school program, not only because it helps students pay their school bills, but also the daily responsibility of a specific job teaches young people self-discipline, consistency, and economy. It also offers students the opportunity to develop self-confidence and competence in preparing to enter the work world.

Typically, a student working 2-2.5 hours per day regularly during the school year should earn a minimum of $200 per month. There are a limited number of jobs available on campus such as administration office workers, teacher aides, custodial positions, cafeteria positions, maintenance and grounds, dormitory desk workers, resident assistants, and student literature evangelists. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to find jobs at local community businesses. The Academy normally provides transportation to local community jobs if occurring during a normal school day.

Work opportunities may be available for village students; however, priority is given to dorm students because of their higher school expenses.

Students are strongly encouraged to find employment at home during the summer months. Summer earnings can make a significant impact towards a student's tuition costs. (Note: See "Student Financial Aid Grant" section for summer work requirements for students applying for additional financial aid.)

Limited work opportunities are available on Campion Academy's campus during the summer months. Typically, students are hired for maintenance, grounds, custodial, and limited office positions. Because the dormitories and cafeteria are not open during the summer, students must live locally or arrange privately to stay with local families during the summer.

Summer Work Program and Application (pdf)

For further information on the work program, please contact the Student Labor Coordinator at 970-667-5592, extension 112.

Work Sponsorship

The work sponsorship program is designed to allow a student to increase the amount they are paid per hour when working a part-time job while attending Campion Academy. It works on a similar basis as a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon. Students recruit sponsors who will guarantee to sponsor them for a specific amount per hour for each hour they work. The sponsor may choose any amount per hour.

Work Sponsorship Form (pdf)


Students whose parent(s) work for a Seventh-day Adventist Conference or institution may be eligible for church sponsored subsidies. Please contact the employer or Campion Academy Business office for more information.

Matching Scholarship Program

Campion Academy participates in a matching program with a student's local church. The church may sponsor the student for any amount they choose. Campion Academy will match the sponsoring churches contribution
    1. Up to $75/month for 10 months ($750/annually) for village students;
    2. Up to $125/month for 10 months ($1,250/annually) for dorm students.

The application is to be in the Campion Academy Business Office on or before July 31. Please remember that this program is subject to available funds and final determination of financial need by the Student Scholarship Committee or its representative. If this application is submitted after July 31, Campion Academy matching financial assistance may be denied or adjusted.

Contact the Business Office for more information or to request appropriate forms.

Matching Scholarship Application and Agreement (pdf)

Student Financial Aid Grant

In cases where there is a severe financial hardship, additional student aid may be available. Unless there are special circumstances, as a general rule, families making over $50,000 adjusted gross income will most likely not be considered for this grant.

FACTSFamilies requesting student aid funding through Campion Academy must submit an online application through the "FACTS" program (available in English and Spanish.) A new application must be submitted each school year.

Apply here:

FACTS works with Campion Academy to help assess financial need and allocate financial aid to families most in need. The FACTS system features:

There is a $30 application fee payable online (using a credit card) in order to submit the application.

The following information will need to be submitted to FACTS in addition to the online application before the application is considered:

Supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online, faxed to 1-866-315-9264, or mailed to:

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
P.O. Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the online application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-441-4637.

Deadline to apply for financial aid is on or before July 31, however, families are strongly encouraged to apply early, beginning on March 1 of the current year. Please remember that this program is subject to available funds and final determination of financial need by the Campion Student Scholarship Committee or its representative. If this application is submitted after July 31, Campion Academy financial assistance may be denied or adjusted.

In addition to available aid funds, some of the criteria used in determining financial aid awards will be family income, family assets, overall ability to pay, number of students in school, other funding sources, and student involvement through his/her own employment. Potential financial aid donors expect students to participate in funding their overall financial plan by working during the summer and throughout the school year. Student summer employment should yield no less than $1,000 toward their overall account. When little or no summer student earnings are paid to the school, financial aid may be denied or substantially reduced.

Apply here:

Kansas-Nebraska Residents: Please note that if you are also applying for addtional scholarships through the KS-NE Conference, you are required to apply through the "FACTS" program for them as well. You only need to complete one "FACTS" application, but it must list both Campion Academy and Kansas-Nebraska Conference on the application for you to be considered by both entities. When asked for the schools/institutions to include, you can do a search for Campion Academy (Loveland, CO 80537) and/or for Kansas-Nebraska Conference (Topeka, KS 66614).

General Sponsorship

This is a means of relaying an individual's desire to help provide financing for a particular student. It is a volunteer program and typically no statements or reminders will be sent. Each sponsor is responsible for sending in payments as agreed upon. If a sponsor does not make their pledged payment, the family will be held responsible for all balances due.

Please note that based on IRS regulations, if you wish to receive a tax deductible receipt, you cannot designate specific individuals to have your funds applied to. Any remittance made as a result of this general sponsorship pledge for a specific student will be applied directly to the student's account and will not be issued a tax receipt.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, you may do so by remitting a payment to Campion Academy Worthy Student Fund, and the scholarship committee will make decisions on who is approved to receive scholarships from Campion Academy.

Student Sponsorship(pdf)

Credit Cards

Campion Academy accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Online payments can also be made via PayPal, through Campion's web site. Discounts noted above do not apply to credit card payments, PayPal payments, etc.

This form in printable form:

General Financial Information (pdf)

Contact the Business Office for more information or to request appropriate forms.