Letter from the principal

Welcome to the Campion Academy website!

What an awesome opportunity it has been for my wife and I to return to Campion after 21 years away. I count it a privilege to serve God and His students and anticipate many God-honoring experiences together with the Campion students! Thank you for your interest in Campion Academy.

The mission of Campion Academy is to enable our students to Experience Christ in a Learning Environment. This mission impacts everything we do. In the classroom - experience Christ; in the dormitory - experience Christ; on the ball field - experience Christ; even at the work place - experience Christ. It is my commitment to provide as many and varied opportunities as possible for our students to meet Jesus Christ face-to-face so that they can know Him intimately and decide what they are going to do with Him in their life.

To this end we have identified ten (10) goals to reach with our students:

If you are a high school student with a desire to meet Jesus Christ or to grow in your daily walk with Him, Campion Academy is the place for you. Apply today and become a part of our growing, loving family. You can apply here, through our website, or contact us at 970-667-5592 for more information. If you are just browsing or know of anyone that may be looking for a school like Campion Academy and want to get more information, I encourage you to contact us.

If you are an alumnus, former student, or parent of a former student enjoy looking around and thank you for your love and support of Campion Academy. It is truly a special place and all who have walked these halls over the past 105 years have made it so. Keep us in your prayers as we continue to impact lives for God!

Committed to Serving Him,

Spencer R. Hannah