Athletics at Campion Academy

Our mission at Campion Academy is "Experiencing Christ in a Learning Environment". How does this happen in Athletics? To experience Christ is to deny self. First of all as athletes, would we like to have an opposing team schedule a game and then only play at fifty percent? For us to have good game we must have the other team play their best. We owe the other team our best. Second we play our best to help our team. Teamwork is a powerful lesson in synergy. It takes all the players at their best to really experience the power of a team. Third, we use our God given talent to the best we can to glorify God. Let's honor Him with what He has given us.

Campion Athletics aims to provide a learning environment in which each sport is taught to bring out the best in each player. Christian values and principles are not left on the sideline while we play. Our actions reveal who we really are. Athletics at Campion is another avenue for students to experience the life changing power of Christ in daily living.

Campion Athletics incorporate exercise with healthy competition and good sportsmanship. The program is not limited to a few sports, it is very diverse and allows everyone to participate. At the beginning of the year men's soccer season starts while women's volleyball is underway. Both teams travel to Walla Walla for an end-of-season tournament. The next sport is men's and women's basketball, it is the longest sports season. During this time both varsity teams get the privileges of playing at the Pepsi Center and traveling to Union College for a tournament. As the year comes to a close and the weather starts getting nicer, women's soccer starts while co-ed baseball is also available. Both seasons end in enough time for students to take a break and have free nights to study or relax at the end of the year. The great thing about Campion is that if none of these sports interest you, there are other options! We also offer an Intramurals class that plays sports such as cricket, ultimate frisbee and touch football. Even still if those don't interest you, the Athletic Department offers credit for students who prefer to go to a rec center. In Loveland we have a fine rec center where you can play racquetball, swim or use the weight lifting equipment. With all the options, it is possible for students to find what works for them and enjoy being active.

Soccer Schedule
Driving Directions for Away Games